Plantation Management

Undergraduate Programs

The objective of the degree programme is to provide the graduate with scientific knowledge and practical know-how in agronomic and manufacturing processes in plantation agriculture and inculcate managerial skills and confidence in decision making with respect to resource allocation in plantations. The course will impart skills in agronomy, farm management, business skills, personnel management and elements of accounting. It is expected that the trained graduates will be able to manage the plantation industry, so vital to the economy of the count.

The courses offered by the Department cover the following areas:

  • Environment and Forestry          
  • Principles of Soil Science              
  • Principles of Crop Physiology     
  • Agricultural Microbiology             
  • Principles of Agricultural Engineering and Farm Machinery           
  • Fundamentals of Animal Science and Production             
  • Plantation Crop Production, Agronomy and Processing 
  • Land Surveying and Levelling     
  • Export Agricultural Crops             
  • Marketing of Plantation Crop Products                
  • Estate and Financial Management           
  • Resource Management in Plantations   
  • Research Project and In-plant Training  

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