Current Research

  • Application of bio-pesticides for pest and disease management in horticulture
  • Pest and disease management in cashew
  • Effect of MSW co-compost on rice and horticultural crops
  • Enhancement of cassava through inbreeding
  • Micropropagation of the national flower of Sri Lanka -Nymphaeanouchali  (Nil mahanel)
  • Micropropagation of cashew
  • Postharvest quality management along the distribution channels of cut ornamentals in Sri Lanka
  • Nutritional properties of herbs used in green leafy porridge
  • Effects of pre- and post- harvest Silicon supplementation on postharvest quality of cut flowers
  • Nano- and micro-encapsulation of bioactive compounds
  • Optimization of compositions of edible films
  • Use of edible coatings for shelf-life improvement of fruits
  • Aloe veragel coating to enhance shelf life of papaya(Carica papaya)
  • Evaluation of sensory attributes and shelf life of cashew apple (Anacardiumoccidentale)chutney
  • Study on variation of isolates of Phytophthorainfestans the causal organism of potato Late Blight in up country potato cultivation in Sri Lanka
  • Performance evaluation of fresh ginger (Zingiberofficinale) for storage under selected methods
  • Suitability evaluation of affordable organic materials as substrates to multiply Trichoderma spp. in soil
  • Development of ecofriendly landscape designs with wild plants
  • Investigation of invasive potential of ornamental aquatic plants
  • Low maintenance planting designs of wild and ornamental flower species to enhance aesthetics and insect diversity in abandoned lands
  • Introduction of native plants to the landscape industry
  • Ecological management of invasive plant species in National Parks of Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka.


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